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Thank You [27 Nov 2007|08:05pm]
I don't want alot for Christmas....

there is just one thing I need...

I don't care about the presents....

underneath the Christmas tree...

I just want you for my own....

more than you can ever know....

make my wish come true....

cause baby all I want for Christmas....

is YOU!

mehhh, 16, all four floors
<3 Aleah
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Fiestas y Siestas [11 Sep 2007|12:13pm]
For those who don´t know already....

1. http://aleahinspain.blogspot.com/

2. ¡Que bien vivis! I´m considering not coming home....

Besos a todos,

past curfew

you say: COUNTDOWN [03 Jun 2007|09:14pm]
We have a lot to get accomplished in a very short amount of time...











Being intellectuals, "I'd like to check you for ticks," mortar boards
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you say: Forecast [03 Apr 2007|10:06pm]
It's gotten to that point, somewhere between the start of the 4th quarter of my senior year and lax pre-season, when I'm getting really excited about summer. I spent TA playing on google earth yesterday and mapped out my upcoming adventures from the podium @ graduation--> Heredia, Costa Rica--> Samara Beach, Costa Rica,--> Agassiz Village(in the animal kingdom with the crew)--> Goose Rocks Beach--> Salamanca, Spain --> Sans Sepulcro, Italy--> Green River with the sis/mugs--->Waterville, Maine! I can't wait...

...And some wishful thinking pics from the beach

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Becs and my boy sweater

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

The rents' room

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

The Driftwood!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Gotta love the dreads

"Lol kill her", satisfaction, contraband cups
<3 Aleah
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you say: Another snow day!! [16 Feb 2007|01:44am]

30" later and we're on our third snow day in a row! Hooray for late Vermont winters!

..Belated BC Snow Pics:

Snowy lower level

(Our other lives as LL. Bean models)

Justine is a very good lifeguard!

Julia finally passes Big Bass!!!

Raphael, igloos, visits to Stowe,
<3 Aleah
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you say: There is no star in heaven that we can't reach... [10 Feb 2007|01:40am]
I finally watched High School Music. It was, as all the children I babysit have said, absolutely AMAZING. According to Julia and Josh its pretty much the new "Titanic" (aka Tire changing, Cranium playing, psychology studying etc).

Hooray for weekends with the mugs! Rutvegas tomorrow. Updates later.

Singing pigs, girl sex (?), "IM IN YOUR DRIVEWAY!!!!!",
<3333 Aleah
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"All the other girls here are stars, you are the Northern Lights" [13 Jan 2007|11:34am]
Driving with Julia; An Adventure in Suburban Navigation

..So we started here on 14 Madison Ave


...About this time, heading towards Watertown, Julia realized that she didn't know how to read maps

...And then there was a red light

...Wait, what red light?!??!

..Julia finds a parking space and I find half of a dollar bill. The woman selling pitas in Watertown proceeds to ask us if we are Armenian.

..Then we got really thirsty from eating pita bread and stopped for drinks at the "EASY IN EASY OUT." Julia hid from the rapist while I snuck into the back room to use the bathroom.

...Home sweet home!

I got to see the best of both camp worlds over New Years. I met up with Shayne and DJ for a quick lesson on the "Southie Stomp", fireworks, wandering, and over-priced pizza in the Corner Mall. While I was with them in Harvard Square, I had yet another encounter that proves the fact that Vermonters are very good at finding eachother in foreign places. Shayne was making fun of my bright blue Burton coat because I appeared to be the only person in Cambridge not wearing black. Eager to make a point that I was not alone, I picked out another girl in the crowd with a bright blue coat like mine. She just happened to be Steph Cody, my lacrosse captain from freshman year, followed closely by Erin McCreary and Bean!

David James Jelley Junior and I look sketchy


I also got to bring in the New Year with my muggies. Due to Justine's incredible driving skills, we made it from Alewife into Lincoln before midnight. We didn't quite make it to Julia's however, and ended up ringing in 2007 in some random field. A fitting celebration for three BC girls...!

Colombus, cramming, eskimo kisses
<33 Aleah
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you say: Merry Merry Xmas! [26 Dec 2006|01:47am]
Here's to living vicariously through Nadia on Christmas!


Its so nice to have everyone home ( :

THREE DAYS, pc hugging, winter storm warnings,
<33 Aleah
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you say: Not quite ambidextrous [25 Nov 2006|02:06am]
Happy Belated Thanksgiving!

News from the Vermont front: I am now exactly one week (and one day according to the clock) post-op! For those of you who don't know, I had the long awaited shoulder surgery last Friday and have been tied up on Percocets and a Cyto-cuff all week. All is incredibly well however, and although I will miss my ski season, I should be out of my sling in three weeks and ready to go for lax come April!

...Learning how to frost cupcakes one handed

Happy Birthday Moose!

..Learning how to dye my hair

..Learning that I am really really bad at taking pictures of myself

And the long awaited Helium movie:

Where have you been all my life?!?!?

Mock eel, gasoline smells, agony outfits
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you say: supplements and sleeplessness [06 Nov 2006|02:32am]
today i really miss my muggies.
tomorrow i am babysitting a one year old who has never been away from her mother.
tuesday i am tabulating election results until 1:00 am.
wednesday i am applying to college.

thai food, model faces, too much bedding and too little sleep
<33 Aleah
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you say: Montpelier moments [02 Oct 2006|10:27pm]
Bean and I drove past the statehouse this weekend and there was a guy fishing on the lawn. No joke. He had the boots, the fisher hat and the pole, and was just casting off with all the leaf peepers watching.

When we got into town there was a guy wandering around dressed like a pirate.

It doesnt get much better than this!
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you say: "Kindergarten Abecedarian [22 Sep 2006|10:41pm]

I met this woman today.
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Yea thats right....

SHARON OLDS signed the back of my poem!!! What can I say--- Kerrin McCadden's dorkiness is contagious!


Today was an artistic day. The creative writing kids (plus us, the alumni) went up to the incredibly beautiful and incredibly expensive Putney School, listened to Sharon read her amazing poems in Calder Hall, experienced another bout of trip karma when the bus wouldnt start, and ate lunch in Putney with a few select members of the Viagra Club (the regulars at the Putney general store).

 Back at school, I made a sculpture out of the river clean up trash. I used two rusted out maple syrup cans, a piece of a shattered window, a knife, a meat thermometer, a mascara case, and a broken bottle to make a very crazy looking sea critter, that I fondly title "Bottle-nosed dolphin"

Tomorrow is Rosh Hashana.


touching the poet, SLEDGEHAMMERS, Emily Dickinson's feet


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you say: sjflkajlksjie [19 Sep 2006|11:52pm]
I think I just finished writing my resume.
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you say: Saturday night fever [10 Sep 2006|12:16am]

This is what happens when you blow in Jillian's ear:

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

(we're just a bit excited about senior year)

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you say: long overdue [09 Sep 2006|11:53pm]
I apologize for my really horrible lj etiquette. Life has been crazy!

General updates for those who follow me only on the world wide web:

I went to Agassiz Village and loved {almost) every minute of it.
There I:

got cornrows
learned how to tie a du-rag
was told that I had no ass and danced worse than a typical white girl
learned that the most important part of matching an outfit is the shoes.
saw a live demonstration of "the spider" and "the crybaby"
was given the affectionate nickname "Statch"
met some amazing people and made some amazing friends {hp<3!)!

(in the words of an AV camper) Anstyways, there is not much else to share besides the fact that I am now a senior at MHS. Because I am a dork, I am not afraid to admit that I love my classes, especially my psychology class which at the moment appears to focus solely on sex and men in skirts. Friends are off at college and doing well which is also good news!

check out the photobucket (http://s35.photobucket.com/albums/d186/astarr8/?start=0) for camp and other misc pictures. boston ones from last weekend are up.

magnetic poetry, prince ali, rainstorms with miss.mathieson
<3 Aleah
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you say: Departure [17 Jun 2006|12:47am]
Hey All,

I am leaving early tomorrow to see RENT in Boston with my sister and then I will be heading on up to Poland Maine the following morning. I will be working at a summer camp for inner city kids called Agassiz Village and to tell you the truth, I know very little besides my salary, my role as the ropes course director (haha thanks Marcy!), and the fact that I will be sleeping in a twin bed in the middle of a cabin filled with 12 girls. I will be at Agassiz for five weeks and will be back in town on the 23rd of July!

To say the least, I am very excited!

My address at camp is:

Aleah Starr
c/o Agassiz Village
71 Agassiz Village Lane
Poland, ME 04274

...I love getting mail and will write back! Keep me posted on life in the capital city or for those of you @ Sangamon or BC, life in Pittsford VT.

goodbyes, blue playground slides, palette dancers and VINS
<333 Aleah

p.s Lax pictures are up. http://s35.photobucket.com/albums/d186/astarr8/
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you say: RACK(ED) 'EM UP [07 Jun 2006|10:47pm]

douubble D. u32 here we come.
3 minutes|past curfew

you say: rennovations! [04 Jun 2006|11:18pm]

I took (and survived) the SATs this weekend. They weren't fun at all, but sitting between Krista and Sasha Ross-Becker made them a little more bearable. It was strange not knowing the majority of the people in the building.

I spent the afternoon being sad about our game cancellation, peeling marine life off of my walls, and laughing hysterically after Kendra decided to tie herself in my sisters giant twister towel (see below). Alice's consisted of a really strange movie, birthday love, really difficult hangman games with gannon, and a set of lost keys!!

.....just for the record books, tomorrow starts the last official week of my junior year!

I need help choosing a paint color for my bedroom!! Post with your vote!
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
current color...

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
option 1: Teacup
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
option 2: Waterscape


Shepherds, desperadA, rosary beads

<3 Aleah



this leads to...
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting


Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

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you say: pangs of regret [29 May 2006|10:43pm]

Work weekend was a pleasant, but not exactly sufficient, compromise for the opportunity to see Nara Gitmick and my muggies in Boston this weekend. I saw Sandi and a bunch of Sangamen (speaking of Sangamen...Mike Byrom still doesnt  know my name), sealed off a couple of tent platforms, cabin porches, and wooden stages, watched frogs mating at the suggestion of LB, and slept under the stars on the lower tennis courts. And how could I forget the highlight of my long weekend; a warm welcome from Devri and my favorite rabid beast!

 Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

View from Bird Mountain Beach

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Home sweet home.... ) :

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
The sacrement...

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
A lawsuit waiting to happen...

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
The Death Spider/Ant: A Memorial

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
***This fire was made without matches or paper...admire at will! ****


swingsets, homesickness, electrometry

<3 Aleah



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you say: domination [25 May 2006|11:55pm]
Montpelier – The Montpelier girls lacrosse team settled the score against rival U-32 after losing 5-2 in their first encounter, dealing the Raider girls their first loss of the season in Monday's 9-8 slugfest.

Maayan Cohen was the Solons' leading scorer with three goals, including the game-winner with 40 seconds remaining.

"The clock ran out on us" said U-32 coach Jim Segar. "They hustled, went to every ground ball strong."

The Raiders jumped out to a 2-0 lead, but Montpelier answered to tie it at 2 and again to tie at 3. U-32 put in two more goals for a 5-3 lead, but Montpelier answered again, bringing it back to 5-5 at the end of the first half.

The Solons struck first in the second half to take the lead for the first time in the game, but two goals in a row by Rachael Clark put the Raiders back in the lead at 7-6. Montpelier refused to roll over, taking a brief 8-7 lead, but Clark struck again to tie it at 8 with 1:37 remaining.

Cohen drove from midfield to fire in the game winning goal from close range, and the Solons kept possession long enough to ensure the win.

In addition to Cohen's three goals, teammates Emma Dale and Erica Hildebrand scored two each and Kendal Swartz and Bethany Pitton scored one each for Montpelier.

Rachael Clark was U-32's top scorer with four goals. Teammate Michelle Bolduc had two goals and Abby Allen and Shelly Nogueira each had one. It was a tough loss for Raider standout goalie Nicki Pickel, who previously had not given up more than eight goals in a game this season. Despite the loss, Pickel had a stellar game.

"Nicki was stunning," Solon coach Mark Catlin said. "She owned the top half of the goal."

Catlin credited the win to the hustle of his team as a whole, especially the seniors who were playing their last home game.

"We won this game on heart," he said. "Our four captains, Ruthie [Lazenby], Maayan [Cohen], Emma [Dale], and Bean [Bethany Pitton] have shown the heart that you need to win a game like this and have led by example."

The 8-1 Raiders face St. Johnsbury on Thursday. The 9-3 Solons face Rice that same day.

The 9-3 Solons crushed Rice and became 10-3
AND then...
The 10-3 Solons crushed Lamoille, finished their regular season at 11-3, and headed to the PLAYOFFS!!
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